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In this topic, we are going to discuss “The French Bulldogs shed”.  Do French Bulldogs shed a lot? We are going to know the answer below to this question. We are also going to know about when French Bulldogs shed?

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldog’s coats are shiny and smooth. On the other hand, their coats are short. So it seems to the people that the coats on French Bulldogs shed are very few. But that is not right. That is misleading.

All of the dogs shed their hair. At the same time, French Bulldogs regularly shed their hair. Naturally, pets shed to cleanse their coats. They empty their coats of old damaged and extra hair. On the other hand, usually, French Bulldogs shed to keep cool for the summer. For warm-up to winter, they also shed.

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot? 

Shedding is a bad experience for pet owners. Unwanted hair is found available in the home. You may be surprised when you see unexpected hair in your house.

But different types of dogs shed different amounts of hair. It builds upon many situations. The weather, diet, and grooming are the big cause shed a lot.

The weather is a big fact in how much shedding will occur. It also depends on Weather when shedding occurs.

Generally, animals grow thick during the winter. Because in winter they want to help insulate them and in general animals shed the excess hair in the summer season.

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Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot

How Much Do French Bulldogs Shed? Is it a Lot?

In the world, all types of dog breeds are shed. Some dog breeds shed more and some are very few. When it is long hair then it can be noticeable. But actually, all kinds of dog breeds lose their hair commonly.

French bulldogs have very short hair. They have not so much hair to lose. So it is not so easy to spread all over your home and do not cause worry that it can be not spread to your clothes

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot

When do French Bulldogs Shed? Is it a Lot?

Probably French bulldogs don’t shed so much when we compare them with other dog breeds. Because that type of dog has short furs and their bodies are small. On the other hand, they shed their coats two times per year. They shed their hair during spring and fall. More shedding is starting during summer. At that time they lose their heavy fur by which they protected them from the winter cold.

However, each dog is different from the others. Sometimes you might find a French Bulldog has a heavy coat and shed. Some French bulldog owners who have many French bulldogs notice that there are different levels of French Bulldogs. Sometimes many dogs can be shed every month of the year. On the other hand, some dogs shed only seasons.

Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot

Do French bulldogs shed more in the summer?

If you ask, “Do French Bulldogs shed a lot in the summer?” The answer is yes. Of Course, they shed a lot in the summer. Because they want to keep their body cool.

Why Do French Bulldogs Shed a Lot?



Age is a factor for the French Bulldogs shed a lot. In four to six months old young dogs lose their puppy coats. Again, we can see that adult dogs shed more. Because their fur is so big. We know that big hair may be another cause of shedding.



Weather is the main factor for French Bulldogs shed a lot. Generally, you can see their shedding happens a lot in summer. On the other hand, shedding can happen a lot in winter.


French Bulldogs would save them from the summer heat. It is one of the reasons that they lose their undercoat. Again to protect them from winter cold they grow a thicker coat.


Diet is another ingredient that affects French Bulldogs shed a lot. In our daily life, we eat and our pets eat the same. To maintain good health, nutrients and vitamins are needed in our daily diet. As a result, strong hair follicles do not break off. So it creates excess shedding. A diet with fluids creates dehydrated skin. Pets can lose their fur the cause of dehydration.



Genes influence French Bulldogs for their shedding a lot of. In general G-variant and A-variant of gene, forms are present in French Bulldogs. So it helps to lose their fur.

French bulldogs and Boston terriers

French bulldogs and Boston terriers share many common characteristics, including a high level of Shedding. Boston terriers tend to shed more during the winter months, while French bulldogs may shed more throughout the year. Additionally, French bulldogs may have a longer coat than Boston terriers, which can add to their shedding burden. If you’re considering a French bulldog as a family pet, it’s important to know how much they’ll shed and what steps you can take to reduce the amount of hair on your floors, furniture, and clothes.