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Panther Black Pitbull

Panther Black Pitbulls are not as common as their purebred counterparts. Some people are interested in them because they have a unique appearance and some people are interested in them because they can be used for therapy purposes.

The Panther Black Pitbull is a hybrid dog that is part black and a part pit bull. They were first created by an individual who wanted to breed the best of both breeds. The first generation of these hybrids was born in 1997 out of the desire to create a new breed that would offer the best qualities from both breeds without any genetic health issues or other problems associated with breeding purebreds together. Panther Black Pitbulls are not a recognized breed, but they are considered to be a new hybrid breed. Though they aren’t recognized as such, the dogs are generally referred to as “American Pit Terriers with black markings.” Panther Black Pitbulls are not commonly seen because they were created to be a new hybrid breed. They are a rare cross-breed and as such, they are not recognized as any specific breed. Some people may be interested in them for their unusual appearance and some people may.

Panther Black Pitbulls are very loyal dogs that are known for their intelligence, athleticism, strength, and gentle demeanor. Panther Black Pitbulls are solid, muscular animals with a short coat. They usually have black masks, but some can have brown or blue masks as well .Cultural References Panther Black Pitbulls have been featured in movies and TV shows like the movie Undefeated, the TV series Animal Kingdom, and the movie Monster House.

Panther black pitbull puppy

 There are a lot of people who have a panther black pitbull puppy as their pet. One of the most popular types of dog is the black pitbull, which is also called the black panther. This particular breed has a very intimidating appearance and can be quite dangerous if it’s not trained properly.

The main reason why people have this type of dog is because they like its looks and that it’s easy to train them. Panther black pitbull puppy these are not for everybody, but if you’re interested in owning one, you should know how to take care of them properly. The first thing you should do is get the proper kind of food for your dog. Make sure that you buy a high-quality brand because the cheap ones can cause health issues. The next step is to give your dog some water so that it will stay hydrated and prevent any chance of them becoming dehydrated. Most dogs and panther black pitbull puppy need a gallon of water each day. Give your dog a bath every other week, and make sure that you use soap to avoid any chance of them getting skin diseases.  Panther black pitbull puppy they are a lot like children, so you should make sure that you brush their teeth and pay attention to any breath smell.


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Panther Black Pitbull

Panther black pitbull price

The introduction for this post should be about the cost of panther black pitbulls, so it’s not something that has been listed in the article yet.

It’s also important to know that when purchasing a pitbull, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of idea of what exactly you are looking for in a dog. It’s always important to make sure the breed you choose will be able to fit into the lifestyle you already have, while also keeping in mind that their needs should still be met as time goes on.

This is all information that has already been listed within the article as detailed knowledge however, so it is not something that would need to change or be altered at this time.

Panther Black Pitbull

Black pitbull terrier

Black Pitbull Terrier is a dog breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier. This breed was created in 1939 by Max Von Stephanitz, who was known as the “father of modern dogs.” With a reputation for being one of the strongest and toughest breeds, this dog is known for its black coat, square-shaped muzzle, and rough fur that distinguish it from other types of pit bull terriers.

While the Black Pitbull Terrier has been known to be aggressive towards other cute small dogs, it is a very loyal and protective breed. It is a good-natured dog with great adaptability.

This breed does well in most climates, but it does not do well on extremely cold or hot days. It has short hair that requires minimal upkeep and sheds very rarely. However, they would be perfect pets for those who like to jog or take long walks on a daily basis since they have enough energy to keep up without becoming tired too easily.

Black Pitbull

Dogs need to exercise and play every day, but for some dogs this is easier said than done. Black Pitbulls are often an exceptionally active breed that require daily walks or runs, and they can develop a number of health problems that cause them discomfort or even pain. If you’re looking for a new dog breed to add to your family, make sure you research the breed and visit a reputable breeder who can show you how healthy your Black Pitbull will be.

Irritability in cats is much more common than in dogs. However, some cats do exhibit signs of irritability, especially if they’ve been poorly socialized or have had their kitten season over too quickly.

Without knowing the silver lining, it’s too easy to lose out on opportunities that could benefit both yourself and the world around you. When we’re constantly focused on what we don’t have. It makes it hard to see what we do have. Like silver linings in cloudy skies or crushed spider webs that can be used as pet treats.

All black pitbull

Despite the prevalent stigma they face, black pitbulls may be one of the most misunderstood breeds. They have been considered unreliable and aggressive by their people and have a very controversial reputation in the dog world.

Black pitbulls are not just for shady characters, urban areas, or even dog fighters. No less of an authority than People magazine has featured them on multiple occasions and their popularity has exploded over the last decade. The reasons for this are easy to take care of pets with understand. It has become obvious that this dog is much more than his reputation suggests.

For many years, pitbulls have been associated with the underground fight clubs until 2007 with the Michael Vick investigation blew this connection out into the open. The identification of a pitbull in that case was enough to set fire to a neighborhood and create uproar.

This breed of dogs was impressively damaging in childhood stories my parents told me and they weren’t considered good enough for most people or organizations to take on as pets or service dogs.

There are so many myths surrounding these dogs that it is sometimes hard to get a clear picture. Even within the dog world, different standards and associations have very different ideas for Pet on what is appropriate for the breed. There are areas where pitbulls enjoy widespread popularity and acceptance while others have made it illegal to own them.

When you look, you will find pitbulls in all sorts of families, both good and bad. They aren’t any different from other breeds, there just seems to be a much higher percentage of them in bad situations, despite their natural predisposition for being friendly and loyal.

Black Pitbull Puppy

A black pitbull puppy is a great, loyal, and loving and best pet. It’s important for all puppies to be housebroken like a human would be. This includes quick clean up sessions with lots of praise, as well as visiting the designated bathroom area outside often when it’s time to go potty. The pup will eventually recognize the signal to go between potty breaks, but it might take time for him/her to understand this new routine change in its life.

Taking the black pitbull puppy outside first thing in the morning and last thing at night is good to establish a routine, but it’s also important to make sure play time or attention is taking place close to the bathroom area around this time frame. The black pitbull dog will soon understand which door it needs to be taken out of at different times you need it most.

A black pitbull puppy isn’t completely house trained until around two years of age, so it’s important not to give up on them too early if they have an accident in the home while they are still learning. Good luck with providing training and lots of follow-up rewards during training sessions.

Black pitbull hulk

A black pitbull is a mixed-breed dog that typically has physical traits both of the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. The term “pit bull” in this sense refers to any dog whose ancestry can be traced to fighting breeds, as opposed to purebreds or mutts. All mixes with dogs of fighting breeds, as well as all crosses between them, are classified under the category of “pit bull”. What distinguishes the color from American Staffordshire terriers is not clear. Some breeders claim that black is a color of diluted American Staffordshire Terriers, while others believe that it is a coloration gene found in PBs.

The two most predominant “pit bull” dog breeding programs in the United States are The Bull and Bailey Kennel Club located in Columbus, Georgia and the San Francisco Bay Area Pit Bull Club located in San Carlos, California. The two clubs are often abbreviated as B&B and SFPBC. Historically it was thought that the B&B Kennel Club started the black pitbull hulk breed, while the SFPBC started the blue pitbull hulk breed.

Muscular black pitbull

It is the most loyal and well-mannered dog you may ever meet. It has a commanding presence, yet it’s gentle and even cuddly and Cute Affenpinscher Puppies Dogs when around children. It is a family dog that would never leave your side getting in trouble or causing a problem. Then what exactly is a muscular black pitbull?

A muscular black pitbull is not a breed at all, but merely an aesthetic choice for handsome dogs that are not bull terriers or Staffordshire bull terriers. These dogs are seen everywhere from outfits to the internet to TV shows like The Dog Whisperer where they are often used as mascots to represent the show itself.

The most common muscular black pitbull is the black muscle pitbull. The “muscle” comes from the highly muscular body of this dog. They may have a shorter snout but are still characterized by the deep chest, broad shoulders, and chest width of a bulldog. Stands approximately 9-12 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh in between 50 and 60 pounds to 90 pounds for males and 60 pounds for females. Their energy level is always high, but never annoying.

Black pitbull with blue eyes

This is a blog post about the black pitbull with blue eyes because this dog is new to me and she looks like one of my friends.

I think it will be interesting to know what people thought of this dog because I hope that they agree with me that it’s beautiful.

Here are some things I found about her: “She’s been in animal control for the last 2 years, so she must be pretty tough.”  “Black dogs are more likely to have deafness or deaf traits. It’s such a shame. I think this one should be given a chance.” “She looks kind of dumb, but she seems to be sweet.” “She has blue eyes. She must have gotten them at the shelter because my mom said they had red gold eyes.”

That means that there are good things and bad things that people think of this dog, which makes me want to focus on the positives to see if I can find something great about her. So yes, I liked the fact that she was in animal control because it meant that someone else loved her, which is good. However, it also means that she was in danger of being hurt or killed by someone who didn’t know how to take care of her.

Black and White Pitbull Terrier

Black pitbull mastiff

They are large, bulky dogs with a wide head and strong jaws. They can be aggressive with other dogs so they need to be introduced slowly, made to fight or not interact at all. Aggression wise they are not as aggressive as the Pit Bull, but they still pack potent power if they catch up to a dog or human in its jaws.

They can be stubborn so positive reinforcement is best for training them. Treats are great when training one as a treat is always welcome.

They look intimidating at first glance, but they really are gentle giants in nature. All they want to do is be near you and sleep by your side close by all day long and night long without fail. They will love you until their last breath in life, no matter what happens they’ll still love you unconditionally.

This is due to the size of their mouth which can be big enough to hold a small child’s head within its large jaws. This is something you don’t want it to do. Some people could use this kind of dog because he can defend the home from intruders. He won’t think twice about doing so, but in some ways he would be better to have as an outside dog.

Black pitbull lab mix

It’s not always easy to tell what would be the best dog for you. What sounds cool on paper could be something that in reality is a horrible idea. On top of these worries, once you buy your new pooch, they’re yours indefinitely. And while many people are able to pet and love their animals without major consequences, other people do not handle this so well. When your little buddy starts scratching the furniture or chews up your shoes, it can really get frustrating. They’ll provide you with plenty of empathy, especially if what you’re going through is mirrored by others.

White and black pitbull dog

There are many misconceptions about what makes a good companion for children. The mainstream media usually portrays pitbulls as bad dogs, but it is important to be aware of the fact that there are black and white pitbulls.

The Pit Bull, who blooms in many colors, short haired and long haired, reaches an important height for his breed. He is strong and muscular, but not heavy. The dog has a very balanced body, which is a combination between high energy level and good health condition.

Solid black black pitbull puppy

In this blog post, we will be talking about how to deal with the new arrival of a black pitbull pup into your home, and what you can do to make sure your new pup feels comfortable and safe. The most important thing you need to keep in mind when living with a solid black black pitbull puppy is that they are still a puppy, even though they’re getting bigger. Keeping your home clean and tidy along with keeping the environment warm will help them adjust into their home nicely.

Why should I care?

Puppies leave pee everywhere when they’re learning how to walk and explore the world outside the safety of their mother’s womb. Puppies must be taught how to use the bathroom outside, and must be kept close to their mother for security the first few days after their birth.

The other crucial thing you should know about puppies is that puppies are more likely to become aggressive than older dogs when they are left alone in a strange environment. In a new environment, they seem confused and lonely so don’t feel like you have to spend as much time with them as you would with your own dog. If possible, keep your puppy in a crate during the day so it has time to explore the house when it gets home from work.

If you have a puppy, here are the things you will need when caring for a new puppy:


This is one of the most important things. The proper amount of time spent with your puppy will help them grow up and become well-rounded adult dogs.


A crate gives your puppy a place to go to when they’re tired, scared or upset. It gives them a feeling of safety, security and warmth. If they’re tired, they can sleep. If they’re scared or overwhelmed, they can go in the crate and wait until the world seems calm again before coming out and re-exploring the world around them.

Pure black pitbull

If your pet is a pitbull, these are some warning signs that indicate your dog may be on the verge of developing an aggressive behavior.

A pure black pitbull is a sign that your pet has become very aggressive. If you or someone else in the family notices this change, take it to the vet for blood testing and other medical tests to figure out what’s wrong. The lack of colour means that really all you have to go on are warning signs like growling and aggression towards people or other animals. Hopefully, you can reverse this process before it becomes too late.

The colour of a pitbull’s body is usually dark brown or red, with a lighter shade on the belly and chest. The underbelly is usually white in most pure black pitbulls.

Brown and black pitbull

Pitbulls make excellent pets in many situations, but they are not for everyone. If you have young children or other animals, if you work long hours outside of your home, if you live in an apartment or other place where a dog cannot come inside and be let out when necessary, if you are frequently away from home for any reason, or if someone in the household is elderly or very young and might not understand how to deal with an active dog then it is possible that a pitbull may not be the best choice for you. It is extremely important that anyone who gets a pitbull puppy spends a lot of time with it (at least an hour or two a day) and works with the dog daily.

Pitbulls are extremely intelligent and active dogs, and their owners must spend considerable time with them so that they have the opportunity to learn how to behave properly. It is also very important for all members of the family to demonstrate good leadership qualities in relation to the dog.

If you’re interested in a pit bull but are still unsure if this is the right breed for you, think about fostering one for a few weeks or months before taking the plunge into full-time ownership.

Black pitbull dog price

This is a blog with information on black pitbull dog price. It talks about the history of the black pitbull and why they are considered to be such high priced dogs. It also discusses how to buy a black pitbull and what to watch out for when buying one.

The Black Pit Bull Dog’s history starts during slavery times where they were only used as fighting dogs. The dogs were tamed by giving them free rein to live their lives and develop into what they are today. Many of the dogs were simply used for fighting other slaves for money and it became very common for owners to sell their own slaves and buy fighting dogs.

Black pitbull cropped ears

The cropped ears are a surgical procedure that involves removing the extraneous parts from the dog’s ears.

Tapered Ears

This type of ear cropping leaves some tissue in the front edge creating a pointy look.  

Long Cropped Ears

This type leaves behind a longer piece toward his back edge creating an elongated appearance.

Standard Cropped Ear

This type removes both sides but does not leave any excess tissue on top, giving it a rounder appearance with no edges or corners too pointy or protruding in either direction.

Smooth Ears

Almost like traditional cropped ears but with a smooth curve on the side. There are also some features to consider when selecting the most effective cropping


A large ear is usually more difficult to carry off than a small one, so smaller ears are generally easier to hide. 


Cropped ears should always be cut perpendicular to the skull since this will create an aesthetically pleasing shape. If the ear is cut at any other angle, it may give an unappealing look as well as cause irritation and/or scarring.

Black pitbull with yellow eyes

I have a black pitbull with yellow eyes. I think it’s a boy. I found him on the side of the road and took him in, but he’s been acting strange lately. He won’t eat anything, his coat is all dry, and he doesn’t want to play anymore. What should I do?

Here are some common symptoms that can indicate your dog may have contracted canine distemper: vomiting or diarrhea, fever or lethargy, depression,  coughing, pneumonia-like symptoms (coughing, rapid breathing).

Distemper is a very dangerous disease that can cause secondary infections and severe damage to the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, skin, and nervous system. The virus attacks nerve cells, causing irreversible damage. It is believed that distemper can hit the nervous system within 5 days of the initial infection. Some animals may never recover from this disease but die soon after infection. In other cases, recovery may be possible with supportive care and treatment but there is no guarantee that the animal will recover or regain full mental capacity.

If your pet has distemper, it is essential to isolate it from other animals immediately. This can be done with a separate room in your house or a completely new environment such as a boarding facility or another home. It’s also recommended to wear gloves and an appropriate mask when performing any procedures with the infected dog.

Infected dogs are typically placed on an IV drip due to dehydration, received antibiotics for secondary infections, given vaccines for other diseases (like parvo), and put into respiratory masks until the damage from the disease is under control. If distemper has caused brain damage, the animal will be monitored for seizures and aggression.

Black pitbull german shepherd mix

The Black Pit Bull German Shepherd Mix is a newer hybrid dog. It is an American Pitbull Terrier and German shepherd mix. This mix was created to produce dogs that have the same temperaments as both parents. They are energetic, alert, and loyal. The Black Pitbull German Shepherd Mix is also good with children as well as other cool pets such as cats and rabbits.

Black pitbull german shepherd mix are often put up for adoption at animal shelters because they do not receive enough exposure from people who would want them in their homes due to the mixed image of these breeds. Dogs like the German Shepherd Black Pitbull Mix can make great pets for people who want a pet that is a guard dog but also cute and friendly.

While there are several different breed organizations that produce dogs that are black pitbull german shepherd mixes, the only organization that produces these dogs consistently is the International German Shepherd Black Pit Bull Terrier Club, which was founded in 1987. All of the dogs in this organization have been bred specifically to be perfect guardians and they are cleared by both national and international health organizations before they can even be used as breeding stock. The breeding program of these dogs has been designed to create dog temperaments which will excite them and make them feel happy at all times.

Black pitbull names

There are some names that owners dream of having for their new baby, but there are also some names that tend to have negative charges. For example, Pit Bull is a great name as they tend to be brave and loyal. However, if you name your dog “Pit Bull” or “Black Pitbull”, then the average person might think that your pup is a vicious and dangerous dog. This article will list the best dog names for black pitbulls so you can avoid angry reactions from the public. If you want to tell people that your dog is friendly, then use the names listed below. If you want to say that your dog is mean and vicious, then there are other names that you can choose from.


This is a great name that everyone will love to hear. However, if you want to get a black pitbull, I highly doubt that you’d be looking for one that is truly ugly. So, why would you give your pet an ugly name like “Ugly”? If your dog looks mean or vicious then please don’t use the following names for your dog: “Biter”, “Vicious”, “Dangerous”, or “Grim”. These are all good names for friends’ dogs, but not when referring to your own pet.

Black Beauty

This is a great name that you can use for your dog. Because of the black color of her coat she should be treated with respect if you find yourself in an argument with the neighbors after your dog gets out and starts chasing cars.


A very short and sweet name that might be a little off putting when referring to your dog. Not only will people think that black pitbulls are dangerous, mean dogs while they’re in their yard or porch, but they’ll probably have a negative reaction to the name itself when thinking about how much you love your dog.


A common name that is derived from the word “Blackie”. Again, you should use this name if your dog is vicious or mean and you want to get people’s attention. If not then please don’t use this name.


This is a popular name that can be used by those who like to fish, but it doesn’t have the best connotations. If you are going to get a black pitbull then please don’t use this name for your dog as most people aren’t going to notice the connection between your love for fishing and your love for dogs.

Beauty Queen

Another great name that can be used by anyone without sounding bad at all. Not only is this a name that you can use without causing any problems, but it’s also a name that will encourage people to treat your dog kindly. If the public thinks that you have the dogs they are looking for then they aren’t going to attack your dog if it bites them or chases them in the street.

Baby black pitbull

The American Pit Bull Terrier is not a breed in and of itself, but rather a type of generic label given to any red-nosed American Pit Bull Terrier with the typical short hair, brindle fur pattern, heavy head, and scissor bite. This type of terrier has been selectively bred for dog fighting and has been banned by many countries as a dangerous dog. The original American Pit Bull was developed in England by breeding Old English Bulldogs with terriers. After the Civil War pit bulls were used in illegal blood sports such as bear baiting and hog-dogging that continued into the early 1900s.

The Pit Bull was originally bred to fight dogs and at the same time hunted rats, foxes, cattle, and other vermin. The fighting dogs were worked hard in the ring before entering a pit fight where they were paired off against various German fighting dogs. The Pit Bull was also bred to stand up to other dogs on farms or in the yard or at home. Many of these dogs were mixed with terriers and spaniels so their natural ‘biting’ instinct could be developed along with their ability to run down game such as rabbits and squirrels.

Pit Bulls were developed to fight other Pit Bulls and were not bred for the show ring. The Pit Bull was also a working dog mainly used for pulling carts, until the automobile took over in America. The Pit Bull’s duty was to protect its territory and family. In America, where many of these dogs are jokingly called ‘German Dogs’, they are also used as ‘tree dogs’ or guard dogs because of their strong prey drive.

Black Pitbull

Big black pitbull

For those of you that have not seen a pitbull, they are one of the most fascinating dogs on the planet. They have a keen sense of smell and can be very intimidating. Black and a lot of people find it scary, but this is not in any way affiliated with the breed or an owner’s bad behavior. Pitbulls are incredibly kind dogs by nature. They actually have no desire to harm anyone.

I hope you enjoy this article about pitbulls and I’m sure it will inspire someone to consider adopting one. As many know, black dogs such as this Big Black Pit Bull are often associated with danger or aggression because their color is so different from other breeds. However, this is not true of all black dogs but is a myth, as most people are unaware of the truth.

The great majority of black dogs are absolutely docile compared to the small percentage (less than 10%) who can turn aggressive when provoked or when going through a state of stress.

Pitbulls are very territorial and love to guard their home and territory. In fact the entire breed does not like any outside forces trespassing into their space or home which they spend a lot of their time guarding.

Black pitbull boxer mix

The black pitbull boxer mix is a cross between a pitbull and boxers. This hybrid is often used as a guard dog but can also be playful and affectionate.

Pitbulls are known for their playfulness, which meshes well with the boxer’s high-energy personality. But though these dogs are known for being lovers of people, they can have strong territorial instincts that require plenty of exercise and training to keep under restraint.

Hybrid vigor is another plus to the black pitbull boxer. However, as with all hybrids, this cross should be bred by experienced breeders who understand the needs and temperament of both breeds.

The hybrid is extremely loyal and will often choose one person in the family to be its “master” everyone else falls under this person’s rules. This dog will follow his master everywhere around the house, quickly learning its schedule and where it likes to sleep, etc.

Black pitbull breeds

The Black version of a Pit Bull is called a Black Mouth Cur. There are many breeds of dogs that are called Pit Bulls, but a true APBT has three specific qualities: the ability to be obedient, the capacity for being socialized with people and other animals, and physical strength.

American pit bull terriers have a mischievous character and an impressive athletic ability. Traits which endear them to many handlers who enjoy agility and obedience trials. They also make great family companions for people with the time to spend with them.

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are increasingly popular for use as guard dogs. Many enthusiasts believe that the breed is particularly suited for this purpose due to their size and strength and their legendary loyalty to their handlers.

Some advocacy groups such as the Humane Society of America (HSUS) recommend against using any breed of dog as a guard dog because they feel it encourages irresponsible ownership. In addition, they claim that most attacks by pit bulls occur when they are trying to protect their owners, not strangers, suggesting that a different breed might make a better choice.

Jet black pitbull

Jet black pitbulls are striking dogs that have the distinctive black/charcoal coloring of poodles, but with a thicker, shorter coat. Jet black pits also resemble their long-haired cousins in temperament and appearance. This type of dog is becoming increasingly popular due to its unusual looks and sweet personality.

Jet Black Pitbulls are curious, loyal, affectionate and very playful by nature. They have a lifespan of around 13 years on average and only need to be groomed twice a year for their dense fur which normally gets matted down by shedding regularly during shedding seasons every year.

Jet Black Pitbulls are fairly low-maintenance. They are very clean dogs and do not shed a huge amount of hair, which can be a problem for some owners due to the odor. The coat of the Jet black pitbull is also rough and does not require much attention. So you may choose them as house dogs if you don’t want to spend all your time brushing your dog’s hair.

Jet black pitbulls grow well on a balanced diet including fresh foods and treats. They love to play games and their favorite toy is a rope ball or Kong toy. To assist with their natural instinct for fetching.

Black Pitbull

Cute black pitbull

This article will discuss the history of black pitbulls, and how they became a part of American culture.

Pit bulls had become a sentimental symbol for freedom after being rescued from conditions much worse than what they originally faced in America and being kept alive thanks to their loyal owner for almost a year until finding new owners willing to take them.

The popularity of American Pit Bull Terriers soared in the 1970’s with reading about the heroism of one particular dog that saved his owners from a fire and later helped put out a house fire for them. This dog is called Smokey Joe by his owners, who live in Florida and are named Joe and Sue Harris. They say Smokey Joe is “a beloved member of their family.

Prague black pitbull

This is a story about the Prague black pitbull who just wants to keep people safe.”

One of these issues, according to BBC News, was that many streets are home to under trafficked dogs and cats. While it may sound like no big deal for some animals, for large dogs there have been many injuries and incidents where dogs have had their own legs ripped off by cars. They started taking pictures and posting them on social media with the goal of finding new homes for these animals before they were killed or injured by cars again.

The activists were doing a great job but the animals were living a rough life and many of them already had been hurt by cars. The problem was that there simply were not homes available for the animals. She also states that since there are so many problems in Prague, it’s very hard to find homes for even just one dog. She called finding homes for five or six dogs an impossible task.

“Thirty-one percent of all animal cruelty cases in the Czech Republic are dogs,” she said. “It’s an epidemic. It’s a huge problem.”

The lack of homes for these dogs is a big problem and Daphna was determined to help the situation. She decided to adopt four of the dogs and give them a loving home. She knows that this will not solve the problem but she is hoping that more people will take action and help out. While Prague has strict animal adoption laws, they are not as strict as some other cities in Europe.

Full black pitbull

There are a lot of myths that some people believe about pitbulls, but here is the truth about the myths.

Pitbulls aren’t dogs but belonging to the order Caniformia and more closely related to wolf-like animals than any other breed of dog. Pitbulls have powerful jaws, strong teeth, and an acute sense of smell that is unsurpassed by any other breed. Because of their sharp senses and strong jaws, they would be able to easily hunt deer or wild pigs which most likely surpass all domestic pets in size. Pitbulls have never been known to actively prey on other animals. They are a catch and release breed (in the wild) and only kill what they absolutely need to survive to reproduce. During their lifetime, pitbulls will only hunt small game and then will release their kill unharmed. Pitbulls aren’t dangerous because of the way they are bred. Pit bulls weren’t meant to be used as attack dogs but rather as watchdog’s and personal protection, which is why they have a high prey drive that is also seen in several other breeds that specialize in hunting.