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Himalayan Persian cat: The Himalayan cat is a distinct breed with a long, dense coat. They are all color points with the identical distribution of dark markings but can be various colors, including tabby or turtle. It was recognized by the TICA in 1957 as a breed variation of the Persian cat and is also considered a breed by FIFE and ACFA. Male Himalayans weigh five to six kilos, while females weigh four to five kilos.

The Himalayan cat is a medium-sized feline that looks similar to a Persian cat. It has a round body and short legs. Its eyes are blue and have a white/cream coat with black or cream color points. Its long, glossy coat is long and silky. The face of a Himalayan cat is either doll-like or peke-like.

Himalayan Persian cat

The Himalayan cat is not particularly active. They are a good companion and do not seem to mind other cats, especially if they are playful. It is a good idea to get a secluded area in the house for the Himalayan to get used to the newcomer. They enjoy being petted and enjoy human company. However, because of their self-centered nature, they can be a bit greedy. To avoid overfeeding, consider using a dosing device to limit their food intake while stimulating their minds.

If you are looking for a pet that won’t break the bank, a Himalayan Persian cat is a great choice. Their gorgeous colors will enhance any decor, and their sweet dispositions will make your guests swoon. These cats will make excellent pets for families. The price isn’t that high, and they’re worth the extra expense. But if you’re looking for a unique pet, you’ll be satisfied with a Himalayan Persian cat.

Himalayans are commonly crossed with Persians. Their color-point genes can affect how their kittens turn out. However, they may have traditional faces compared to the peke-face Persians. You should check out the Himalayan Persian cat’s breeder for more information. There is no single definitive standard for the face shape of a Himalayan Persian.

Himalayan Persians can weigh anywhere from seven to twelve pounds. They have broad shoulders, a substantial rump, and massive chests. Their large round heads are unique, with a distinctive facial profile, snubbed nose, large circular eyes, and small ears. But don’t be fooled – their handsome coat makes them an irresistible pet.