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Whether you are packing for a weekend hike or embarking on an extended expedition, there are many different types of duffel bags that you can choose from. While some of the options may be more expensive than others, you can find a bag that is perfect for your needs.

Mountain Hardwear Expedition

Whether you’re heading out on a week-long stag do or simply traveling to the local office, the Mountain Hardwear Expedition duffel Types of Duffel Bags

Whether you are packing for a weekend hike or embarking on an extended expedition, there are many different types of duffel bags that you can choose from. While some of the options may be more expensive than others, you can find a bag that is perfect for your needs.

Mountain Hardwear Expedition

Whether you’re heading out on a week-long stag do or simply traveling to the local office, the Mountain Hardwear Expedition duffel bag has got you covered. With a heavy-duty Tarp LT material and dual-thickness bottom, this bag is built to last. The daisy chains on the shoulder straps are strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel while the internal compression system can be used to organize your gear.

While the Mountain Hardwear Expedition duffel bag may not be for everyone, it’s sure to be a hit with adventure seekers of all stripes. The duffel bag is made for the outdoors, and the reinforced oversized grab handles make for easy handling. It also features two external secure zip end cap pockets, one of which is see-through.

The Mountain Hardwear expedition duffel isn’t just about cramming your belongings into it, and the company does provide customers with a handy warranty service. The company also has a useful list of links and information for international buyers. The aforementioned list contains a comprehensive product line that includes the aforementioned Expedition duffel bag, as well as the aptly named Ultralight, and the aptly named Ultralite. The latter is the sexiest of the three bags, and comes in a whopping 4 sizes. The smallest Ultralite is the most petite of the bunch, and is a mere 6.4 lbs. The largest Ultralight weighs in at a hair over 10 pounds.


Cotopaxi’s Allpa

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or just a regular consumer of outdoor gear, you’ll appreciate the new Cotopaxi Allpa duffel bag. This 35-liter pack is a great choice for travelers who want to carry all of their luggage onboard. It’s durable, sturdy, and has plenty of compartments. You’ll also find that it has a sleek design that makes it look as though it’s just a standard backpack.

The Allpa backpack comes in a variety of colors, including black and pink, but it’s the black-on-black colorway that has been the most popular. The pack is made of 1000-denier polyester and TPU-coated fabric. These fabrics are weather-resistant and breathable for long-term use.

The main compartment has a full-wrap zipper. It’s also got three mesh pockets. It’s got a rain cover that can be easily attached. It even has a water bottle attachment. It’s also got a stowable hip belt. The bag has a lot of features, but it’s not designed for the business traveler.

The Allpa bag has a cool look. It’s got a clamshell design, but it’s also got three pockets, which is impressive. It’s also got a padded laptop compartment. The pack also has a sternum buckle and soft, yet firm tuckaway harness system. It’s made from a synthetic polyester shell coated with thermoplastic polyurethane.

The backpack also has a bucket-like pocket that is located a bit further back for fluffy items. It’s got a laptop sleeve and a key clip. It’s also got internal compression straps that allow you to adjust the weight distribution. The bag is also very easy to move around.

YETI Panga

YETI Panga is a waterproof duffel bag with a lot of versatility. It’s a great way to keep your gear dry on an off-grid adventure or travel trip. You can get the bag in three sizes: 50, 75 and 100 liters.

The bag is a little heavier than other zippered submersible bags, but that’s not a problem for its use on horseback or other occasional use adventures. It also offers plenty of carrying options, including a strap that lets you use it on one shoulder. It also has a water bottle pocket, and a shoe compartment. The main section of the bag has nine pockets. The duffel is available in a matte finish, and a metallic finish is also available.

The Panga’s waterproof construction is unique among water-sports-specific gear. It features a thick shell, webbing with metal buckles, and a zipper that’s nearly as long as the entire duffel.

The duffel is made of polyester material, which is lightweight and scratch-resistant. It also features an EVA molded bottom that provides a durable, waterproof landing pad. The duffel also has two easy-access mesh pockets.

YETI also offers a three-year warranty on the Panga line. The zipper is also waterproof, and the bag features a U-Dock on the ends to keep your gear dry. The bag is a top pick in our testing.

The YETI Panga is not the cheapest bag on the market, but it does have a very good price point. However, it isn’t a very useful bag for day-to-day travel.

SealLine WideMouth

Designed to keep your gear dry, the SealLine WideMouth duffel bag features waterproof materials and a roll-top design. It also has a pocket on the exterior that’s great for storing small items. The interior is lined with waterproof fabrics, too, and there are D-rings for carrying straps and car tie-downs.

This waterproof duffel offers a variety of other features, as well, including a durable PU-coated fabric construction, RF-welded seams, and a roll-top closure. It also has a side pocket and a carrying handle. It’s available in 40- and 80-liter sizes, and comes in a variety of colors. It’s also designed for paddle sports and water-based adventures.

Compared to the YETI Panga, the SealLine WideMouth is more affordable and more lightweight. It’s also got a more rugged fabric, though, and is more resistant to abrasion. It also has a fully-waterproof zipper system, so you won’t worry about leaks.

The WideMouth’s wider mouth opening makes it easy to navigate through the contents. The duffel’s roll-top design also allows for no-hassle packing, but it doesn’t offer the same waterproof protection as the YETI.

The WideMouth is made from a 600 denier polyester fabric, which is strong enough to hold up to the elements. It’s also a lighter-weight, nylon build, which isn’t quite as thick as the Panga. The duffel weighs less than the Panga, too, which is great for a day trip or a weekend.

NRS High Roll Duffel Dry Bag

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new duffel bag or are simply looking for a reliable storage solution, the NRS High Roll Duffel is the way to go. It’s a watertight bag, so you can be confident that your gear is safe and sound. Featuring a waterproof zipper, a nifty sleeve, and a hefty 21 oz of TobaTex, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to carry all of your gear without the risk of drenching it.

In addition to the high grade, you can also get your hands on this bad boy in three sizes. The large, medium and small variants have an array of features to keep you organized. The largest is a good fit for a weekend’s worth of gear, while the medium and small models are better suited to a week or two’s worth of supplies. The NRS High Roll Duffel isn’t a cheap bag, but it’s a quality product that will last for years to come. The best part is that it’s the kind of bag you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. It’s the newest addition to the NRS line of travel bags, and it’s definitely the star of the show.

Base Camp Voyager

Taking inspiration from the original Base Camp Duffel, The North Face introduced the Base Camp Voyager. This new version is not only a lighter weight, but also features a slew of internal and external organizational tools. These include an adjustable divider, a padded laptop sleeve, and an external secure-zip pocket. Regardless of whether you’re looking to pack for a weekend getaway or a weeklong backpacking expedition, the Base Camp Voyager is the bag to buy.

The North Face has crafted a duffel bag that has all the features of a traditional bag, but offers better value. The base of the bag is made from 100% recycled material, so you can feel good about your purchase. The top of the bag is a zippered compartment that allows you to organize your belongings, and there are eleven attachment loops to secure items.

The Base Camp Voyager duffel has a few other gizmos, including a key clip and a small external secure-zip pocket. The padded laptop sleeve has a secure-zip feature, and you can store your iPad in the side pocket while still keeping your hands free.

The Base Camp Voyager duffel may not be the sexiest or most feature rich, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive bags on the market. It’s a perfect size for a carry on at the airport, and the internal organization is a nice bonus.