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9 Cute Dog Accessories that are also Functional

Styling a dog is fun, as they are already cute looking. Making them wear a bow tie or a t-shirt always makes the dog stand out in public. In fact, recently, the market has been filled with such cute accessories that you just can’t get enough of them. Having said that, these accessories are also costly as they are marketed for pets, which is an expensive market. Hence, getting accessories that also serve a purpose will give you back your money’s worth. Therefore, here are a few fun and functional accessory ideas that show off your dog’s big personality.

1. A Designer Pet Carrier:

If you have a smaller dog breed or a toy breed such as the toy Goldendoodle who needs to be carried around when you take it out as they are not capable of walking long distances, better get a pet carrier which makes the task easier. Toy breeds are lap dogs that need to be carried around, and getting a pet carrier makes it that much easier. The pet carrier needs to be of high quality for the safety and comfort of the pet, but there is nothing wrong if it also looks stylish. After all, you will be lugging it around, and it just cannot look flat and boring. Look for chic designs made of leather, rhinestones, suede, and other luxurious materials, which make the look stand out.

2. A Stylish Harness:

Getting a dog harness has several benefits compared to the usual collar and leash. If your dog is a puller, then a harness gives you better control over the dog, and also, it is safer for the dog as the collar can cause injury to the dog’s neck. The fun part is that harness comes in so many designs that you can choose one as per your taste. It simply enhances your dog’s look. This means your dog not just gets a safe walk now but also looks chic.

3. Winter Snuggly Sweaters:

Making dogs wear t-shirts and sweatshirts has really become a usual dog fashion. But many still think it is just a waste of money. Well, in some cases, it is not. If you take your dog out in the sun, it is better to wear a thin t-shirt to protect them from the harsh UV rays. On the other hand, if you take your dog to a snow-covered region, making it wear sweaters is a great way to help the dog not feel cold.

4. Cute Raincoats:

You will find dog raincoats in all designs, sizes, and shapes, from ducks to dinosaurs. Though it makes your dog look like a fashionista when it struts wearing these cute raincoats on the sidewalk, it is not just a fashion statement. Protecting your dog from the rain makes it easier to keep it dry. A rainy day does not mean your dog does not go for a walk. A raincoat helps your dog not miss its walk while looking super cute.

5. Personalized Dog Bowls:

If you are choosy about your dinnerware, then why not do the same for the dog? The dog bowls do not need to be the usual boring ones, especially when the market is filled with great designer bowls. Not just that, several dog shops also offer the personalization of the dog’s bowl. This means you get to choose the design and engrave the dog’s name on the bowl- how cool is that? Dog bowls need not be made of plastics anymore as they can be crafted from ceramic or stoneware too. Pick your dog’s dinnerware that matches your dinner set to set a cohesive tone for your and your dog’s tableware.

6. Customized Toy Box:

Your dog needs a place to keep its toys. Many pet shops offer different types of toy baskets to choose from. Instead of a simple basket, go for a customized basket with your dog’s name stuck to it to make it look more attractive. You can also get a simple basket from your usual dollar store and do some DIY to convert it into your dog’s toy basket.

7. A Cute Collar:

A collar is one of the first things you buy for the dog, and the dog always wears the collar. In fact, it should never be taken off unless your dog is getting groomed. A collar is not just an accessory but also indicates that it is a pet dog. Adding a name tag with a tracker to the collar is another safety feature that keeps the pet safe; hence the pet should always wear the collar when it is taken outside the home. If you love changing collars, ensure to replace the name tags for your dog’s safety. Getting a polyester collar can withstand outdoors and activities like swimming quite easily. Leather collars make the dog look stylish and chic.

8. A Matching Leash:

Not just the collar but the leash should be stylish as well and match the collar. Even if you go for a retractable leash, they need not look basic. These days tons of eye-catching leash design adds a bold statement. Ensure to focus on the quality more than the design, though. You also get leashes with which a poop bag holder can be attached to increase its functionality.

9. A Functional Bandana:

A bandana is an accessory many people buy as the dog looks really cute wearing one, but that is not its only functionality. In fact, apart from styling the dog, a bandana can do much more. Many bandanas are made of high-performance material to cool the dog when wet and help your dog overheat during the summer. Hence, next time when you get one, ensure to find one that also has the cooling feature.

The Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, your pet’s style reflects your own style. In fact, research confirms that dogs adapt to their owner’s personality and pet styling looks a lot like the owner’s individual style, which is driven by the intense bonds with your four-legged pet. This is an excellent bonding time too, and a great way to show how much you adore your furry friend.