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Pet memorial garden ideas or pet memorial ideas for the garden come with emotions. People love their pets. Pets become an integral part of the family and losing one can be devastating, especially unexpectedly. It can leave you all alone in ways like never before. And make your heartache like no other pain you’ve ever felt. Furthermore, it brings to light many issues that we usually ignore or avoid. Feelings we don’t want to think about.

Death of a Pet

Pet memorial garden ideas

It is very complicated and complex for everyone involved in the grieving process. For those who have lost a pet. And those left behind to deal with the loss and the emotions that come with it. You might feel guilty. You’re not sad enough (or you’re too low), angry at yourself. You feel like there’s something wrong with you. If you’re not crying or worried that others will think your grief isn’t normal. And natural because your pet was just a pet.

No matter how it happens, knowing that this is entirely normal and okay. There is no right or wrong way to grieve for a pet. The best thing you can do for yourself is to accept the way you feel. pet memorial ideas for the garden. And allow yourself to experience everything your loss brings up without judgment. Using good self-care strategies like reflection, journaling, talking about it, sharing memories, spending memorable time alone honoring your beloved pet. And their memory, in whatever ways, helps ease the pain of their loss. While allowing new life and love into your world again.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas

The main theme of Pet memorial ideas for the garden

Many people like to include a memorial stone, bench, or other types of garden structure. Such as a birdbath in their yard as a way to honor and remember deceased pets. Many people make pet memorial ideas for the garden. The following pet memorial ideas for the garden will give you all sorts of helpful tips. And advice about how to go about doing just that:

Make a Pet Memorial


A pet memorial stone is a great way to honor your deceased animal companion. This will guide you on how to make your pet memorial stone.

Make a Pet Memorial Bench

Here’s an easy project that you can complete in less than two days. And using supplies readily available at any home improvement store (Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.). Parts of the bench together with screws. However, I would recommend buying wood glue because it will strengthen the structure. Especially where the back legs meet the seat. Please take caution if you decide to use wood glue, though. This type of glue emits toxic fumes that can be harmful if inhaled. If you plan to sit on the bench, you might want to glue the joints with waterproof carpenters adhesive instead. Think of pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Make a Pet Memorial Bird Bath

This easy-to-build birdbath is in honor of our beloved cat and best friend, Sydney. We placed it under the giant oak tree in our backyard because we knew she would have enjoyed watching all of the birds from above. If you’re not sure whether your pet would approve of such a gift, why not add their favorite toys instead? That way, they can watch their pals play through.

Pet Memorial Activities

Some possibilities include scattering them at the place where your pet was happiest. Burying them in your yard. Storing them in a special container for display on shelves or tables. Spreading them under trees or around flowers in a favorite park or garden. Making jewelry out of some of the ashes and wearing it close to the heart. Giving the cremains to a pet lover. Making them into paintable plaques. Turning them into memorial keepsakes (e.g. paperweights or other mementos), and even throwing them out to sea.

With careful planning ahead of time. The special part of your heart reserved for your four-footed friend will never go away or be forgotten.

The rest of this article discusses how different types of people choose to remember their pets. With various forms of pet memorial activities after they pass on.

Non-Pet Owners:

If you are not interested in any sort of pet memorial activity. Then just skip ahead to the next section entitled “Gardeners and Nature Lovers” As pet memorial ideas for the garden

Pet Owners:

If at all possible, it is sometimes best to do a pet memorial activity while your pet is still alive. This way you can get to know the person or people who will be doing the memorial activity for you. For example, if you wish to have your ashes spread somewhere special. Why not go out with your loved one and explore the spot together. Then when they pass on, you know you will be leaving them in a place. That was important to both of you.

If this is impractical due to illness or other circumstances. Then definitely find someone trustworthy. And familiar with the area in which your pet spent their happiest days. In order to choose a final resting place in advance for pet memorial ideas for the garden.

pet memorial garden

Garden Related Pet Memorial Ideas

It is a heart-breaking experience losing a pet. You try to be strong, but it can’t help but hurt your heart knowing you will never see them again. Pet memorials are a great way to memorialize the good times you had with your pet. As well as mark their passing in a respectful manner for pet memorial ideas for the garden. Pet memorials for the garden have been famous since the 1970s. They have changed over time from basic stone or marble slabs. To more artistic designs that better capture your pet’s personality.

According to Pet Death Dependency Trees, “garden-related pet memorial ideas” typically revolve around something involving foliage. Such as a tree, bushes, or flowers planted over the top of the gravesite. It’s small enough to dig up and take with you. If you plan to move, it also gives a nice focal point for your new yard. In addition, some people like to make their garden memorial an artistic work. That captures the personality of the pet who passed. Pet Safe Paws has some great ideas for Pet Memorials in the Garden. And like pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Another popular option is burying your pet’s favorite toy or even some treats along with them. So they’re not alone when they pass over to kitty heaven. If you’d rather keep your pet around like some garden statue. PetSmart offers some great options as pet memorial ideas for the garden. Pet owners are undoubtedly aware that cats love plenty of things without much effort. And one thing felines enjoy is basking in the sun with them daily. So why not immortalize this behavior with a statue of your cat in the garden.

Unique Pet Memorial Ideas

Pet Memorial Ideas for Your Home

Some many different ways to memorialize your beloved pet, like pet memorial ideas for the garden. And here are some ideas for you.

Idea 1

Draw a picture of the pet or favorite moment.

Idea 2

Have your other pets sign it with their paw prints like pet memorial ideas for the garden. The Pawprint Project is an easy way to do this. Just upload a photo of the animal (or use one that’s already on file). The site will then accept multiple prints from each of your animals. Which magically combine to form the animal’s signature in silhouette before back. All free of charge. Check it out by clicking here. You can also have custom stamps made online or at most office supply stores for under $10.

Idea 3

Scatter ashes in a particular place. Jayne has an ash scattering kit that comes with a map of the Northern Hemisphere with pins that easily attach to your urn or container. You can also buy some beautiful kits on Amazon. In addition, many sites allow you to choose where you’d like your ashes scattered, including Disney, Nintendo, and Celine Dion. Like pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Idea 4

Create an online memorial page dedicated to your pet. This is one of my favorites. You can do this for your dog DJ back when Myspace was more popular than Facebook. It’s completely free and easy.

Idea 5

Plant a beloved tree or plant in memory of your pet. You can consult this website for ideas and locations that allow you to plant a tree in memory of your pet. Other trees, such as cherry trees, also celebrate life, so be sure to check it out.

Idea 6

Create a gravestone in the form of an urn, shoes, or even jewelry (see here ). You can find markers at most cemeteries for under $100 if you don’t want to make one yourself (although I think it’s cool when people do).

Idea 7

Make a shadow box using essential items: toys, leashes, collars, photos, and other memorabilia.

Idea 8

Write a letter to your pet and read it to yourself. So that they’ll know how much you loved them in case they’re listening from another place in the afterlife. It is a good idea that you miss him. If you feel guilty for something, you did or didn’t do it. Because then your pet won’t have any regrets when they are in heaven. Or wherever pets go after euthanize. Maybe even with your lost family members. And fix up pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Idea 9

Decorate old picture frames or make a new frame from scratch with paint and decorate it however you’d like. For pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Idea 10

Make an album using pictures of you and your pet together. I did this for my mom using Shutter fly to look back on all of our memories together whenever she wanted.


Honoring Your Pet through Donations

You have just lost your pet.
Maybe you are heartbroken, and the pain is so intense,
Or you do not know how long you can stand it.
Pet memorial ideas for the garden

The tears fall onto your pet’s fur as you hold her one last time. The veterinarian came to your home to put her to sleep. Now she is gone forever.

You feel that perhaps things would be better if you had another pet, but the loss of the first pet has been so traumatic that this idea seems impossible.

Or perhaps you have considered getting another pet. Still, right now, it only brings up too many painful memories of the pet who died recently. And this brings up other questions in your mind about whether or not there was something more you could have done to prevent her death. So it seems better not to have a pet right now. And pet memorial ideas for the garden.

What can you do?

Well, one pet memorial idea is to donate your pet’s body to a research facility or laboratory that will accept pets for donation. This allows the pet to be valuable even after death and brings closure for pet owners who want nothing more than to honor their pet somehow. The man can start pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Suppose you do not want your pet’s body used in research after its death. In that case, pet memorial ideas might include pet taxidermy or freeze-dry pet preservation. You can also consider donating the pet’s body to a pet cemetery rather than having it taken away for disposal by a landfill. However, this is not necessarily cheaper than what will happen if you donate your pet’s body for scientific use.

What Happens When Your Pet Dies at Home?

When your pet dies at home without veterinary care, usually there are several choices on what can be done with the pet’s body:

1. Burial in a pet cemetery or pet gravesite, pet memorial garden or pet mausoleum; underground burial at home, pet funeral pyre. Pet memorial ideas for the garden

2. Cremation at pet crematory or pet funeral home; at home with pet cremation kit.

3. Donate the pet’s body to science e.g., for anatomy class dissection, animal research, organ transplant.

4. Animal taxidermy can be done professionally by an artist who specializes in this type of artwork, or you can do it yourself using the artistic talent that you have.

5. Pet freeze-dry preservation can be done professionally by a company specializing in this service, or you can do it yourself DIY pet freeze-dry pet preservation.

6. Pet cremation at a pet crematory can be done by a pet funeral home or pet crematory.

7. The pet cemetery burial is not always possible if the pet cemetery is full.

Thus, after your pet dies at home, the decision can involve several critical choices concerning options for what to do with your pet’s body. Burial, cremation, donation of the body to science, taxidermy, freeze-dry pet preservation, and pet cemetery interment for pet memorial ideas for the garden.

What about Burial versus Cremation?

Pets are often buried in a place that you will regularly visit to remember them fondly.

Personalized Pet Memorial Ideas

Suppose you have recently suffered the loss of a pet, whether it is due to illness, changing homes, or even tragedy such as an accident. In that case, this article may be able to help you. It has to be put together to give pet owners ideas and inspiration on pet memorials that they can create themselves. Pet memorial for garden or pet memorial ideas for the garden.

One of many pet memorial ideas that we came across while researching for this article was a pet urn in the form of a tree. This pet memorial tree sits in a garden and celebrates both life and death simultaneously. The leaves of the tree are cast from bronze and bear unique inscriptions commemorating each pet’s memory.

The following pet memorial idea is also one which takes strength from the passing of time. A pet’s ashes are added to the resin, then poured into a pet memorial urn.

More pet memorial ideas intended to be displayed in the garden are pet urns made from stone. The pet owner can mark these pet memorials with their pet’s name and dates of birth and death, along with an inscription. Pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Moving on now to pet memorial ideas designed for indoor use, one example is a pet urn made from porcelain. These pet memorials have been designed to look like turnips. Turnip-shaped pet urns are available in different sizes, so you can choose which one will suit your needs best.

Porcelain dog bowls will also make excellent pet memorials for inside the home if you prefer something slightly more traditional-looking.

Unique Pet Memorial Ideas

If you are a pet person who loves nature, you might be interested in pet memorial ideas for the garden. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. A pet is a furry friend that can be preserved after death and put into the ground to become part of nature once again.

A pet memorial in the garden is not something new. If anything, it’s an ancient tradition. Many pet owners find concrete ways to keep their pets close even when they’re no longer around. The only question is, what form of pet memorial should have to fit your wishes?

The most common way to immortalize your pet in this life is by creating a pet memorial bench. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most demanding forms. It requires durable material and gives plenty of space for creativity. Also the pet memorial ideas for the garden. However, suppose you have a pet cemetery in your garden. In that case, a pet urn can be an excellent pet memorial idea as well.

Ornamental pet urn is often used as a pet grave at the cemetery. Still, it may also have different purposes – to decorate your home or remind you of a pet even when you’re not around at the pet memorial site.

If you have pet cremated ashes, even an urn made from artificial materials can do just fine for a pet memorial idea. Putting them into a decorative vase and placing it on a shelf might be a way to keep their memory alive.

Unique thought

Pet memorial bench may seem like an expensive investment at first sight because it costs more than simply disposing of a pet without any ceremony. However, making a pet memorial bench for a pet cemetery may not be a bad idea. It’s an excellent opportunity to make a pet grave that you can visit from time to time and remember your pet, or sit down and relax surrounded by nature.

In the end, pet memorial ideas should fit both your budget and beliefs. For example, suppose you’re an environmentally conscious person who would like a pet to return to nature and have a pet memorial somewhere in the garden. In that case, this type of pet grave is worth considering. It’s a pet memorial site that should find its owner and will become part of family tradition after some time passes away. Pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Suppose you feel uncertain how pets should rest eternally but still want them close and visible for other people to learn the pet’s story. In that case, the pet urn on the pet memorial bench will be an excellent pet grave. First, you can have the pet cremated ashes put into pet urn, and then you can place the pet urn on any surface, preferably outside where your pet spent most of his days.

A pet cemetery may not be a popular idea in some people’s minds, but it still has its benefits. It would allow every pet owner to spend some time with their pet after death, marking special moments in life without spending too much money.

Unique plan

If you’re a big animal lover who thinks no one should ever kill pets for food or anything else that comes from nature, this is the right way to treat them once they are gone. Pet memorial bench is often decorated with personalized elements.

Still, pet cemeteries and pet cremated ashes urns may also have some exciting pet memorial ideas. If you don’t want to make a pet grave too personal but still want it to stand out from the crowd, decorate the pet’s pet urn with some favorite toy or unique collar. In time, memories will fade away, whereas a pet memorial bench for a pet cemetery will always remind you of a furry friend that is no more.


Pet Memorial Garden Ideas for a Dog

A pet memorial garden is a way to honor and remember pets that may not be with us anymore. This can help pet owners cope with the loss of their companion. While adding a remembrance to your yard or garden space.

The best thing about pet memorial gardens is that they’re entirely customizable. Making them an ideal option for pet lovers who have more than one pet they want to honor. For pet parents looking to create a pet memorial, here are some tips on how to get started. Pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Searching for Appropriate Memorials. When creating a pet memorial in the backyard or elsewhere, you’ll need an appropriate marker. Pine stones, slate tiles, and metal plaques are all great options because of their durability and affordability. Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. These pet facilities offer pet cremation services, or you can choose to cremate your pet at home.

Pet Burial Information – When pet parents bury their pet in the backyard. It’s important to note that pets should not be buried at a depth deeper than one foot. If you plan on planting your pet in the yard of your current residence. You’ll need permission from the landlord first. Pet memorial ideas for the garden.

Decorating and Designing Pet Memorial Gardens. You can also consider planting flowers and decorating the area with wind chimes. And other pet memorials such as fountains. This will help bring beauty to the garden while keeping its purpose intact.

Other Things to Remember.

If your pet dies while out of the house. Pet parents should be prepared for what will happen before coming home. Greeting your pet at the door with their body can cause shock. And emotional trauma that’s difficult to recover from quickly. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. Additionally, pet owners need to consider making funeral plans too soon. After your pet dies, it may mean you are not emotionally ready to make these kinds of decisions. Which makes it even more critical to strategy.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas for a Dog.

There are many ways pet lovers memorialize their deceased pets in pet cemeteries or at home. Here are some ideas on how to get started with creating a pet memorial garden for a dog.

Decorating Cremation Urns. Urns come in various pet memorial designs, including freshwater pearls, pet paw prints, and pet silhouettes. For pet parents who want to add a special touch to their pet’s urn. Consider engraving or personalizing it with their pet’s name, birth date, and even a favorite quote.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas for a Cat

In order to help pet parents come up with pet memorial garden ideas for a cat, we have created the following pet memorial guide.

With these pet memorial garden ideas, pet parents can create unique pet memorials that will provide them emotional comfort as they mourn their beloved pet’s passing.

If you knew your cat was going to be gone soon and you wanted to do something special to honor him/her, what would it be?

This is a question that pet parents often find themselves asking after receiving a diagnosis of a critical illness or terminal disease from a veterinarian. In other cases, pet owners might want to give their pet every opportunity possible in the case of an accident victim being brought into the veterinary clinic where they work. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. No matter what the reason pet parents are looking into pet memorial garden ideas for their pet, we hope that this article helps you with your search.


As pet parents start thinking about planning pet memorials, they might consider a pet urn. Pet urns and other pet remembrances serve as a makeshift resting place for your pet’s remains until you can purchase or create an actual cat headstone or grave marker. Pet memorial ideas for the garden. There are many pet urn options available, so pet parents should take the time to look through them and purchase one that best suits both their financial situation and personal tastes before making such an important decision.

We also recommend considering cremation jewelry, which provides a special way to keep your pet close by your side. Especially if you wear pet urns or pet memorial necklaces at all times.

In addition to pet urns and pet cremation jewelry, pet parents can also decorate their pet’s resting place with a pet monument. Pet monuments come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Some people prefer wooden pet headstones while others find granite ones more appropriate for their pet memorial garden ideas. There are even pet memorial benches. Like Pet memorial ideas for the garden. Which gives your cat a place to rest forever in your beloved family member’s memory.

As opposed to placing a focus on the physical aspects of pet remains in a traditional grave or cemetery marker, pet parents that go with a unique approach might consider a personalized cat headstone from Artis Rock. These personalized pet headstones and pet grave markers let pet parents memorialize their pet with a pet tribute, pet epithet, and/or pet photo. No matter what pet memorial garden ideas you implement, we hope that our suggestions help make the process easier for you as you grieve your loss.

Pet Memorial Ideas for a Cat

With these pet memorial garden ideas, pet parents can create unique pet memorials that will provide them emotional comfort as they mourn their beloved pet’s passing.

If you knew your cat was going to be gone soon. And you wanted to do something special to honor him/her, what would it be? This is a question that pet parents often find themselves asking after receiving a diagnosis of a critical illness. Or terminal disease from a veterinarian. In other cases, pet owners might want to give their pets every opportunity possible. In the case of an accident victim being brought into the veterinary clinic where they work. No matter what the reason pet parents are looking into pet memorial garden ideas for their pet. We hope that this article helps you with your search.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas for Fish, Birds, and Other Animals Idea 1

When pet owners lose a pet it can be very difficult, especially if they were close to their pet. It’s equally as hard to see pet owners grieve over the loss of a pet as it is to watch anyone you know grieve for something or someone that has passed away or been lost.

Pet owners often opt to create a memorial in honor of their pet and one way they do this is by planting a garden dedicated to them. A pet memorial garden can be simple or elaborate but either way, once planted, will serve as a beautiful tribute to the pet that the person misses so much.

A pet memorial garden doesn’t have to consist entirely of plants but there are pet memorial-specific plants that are sold at pet stores. There are pet urns to go with them as well, featuring butterflies or other animals that have no doubt been lost.

Some pet owners opt out of planting a pet memorial garden because they see it as too permanent an idea for their pet’s life. Instead, they purchase items such as urns for them to be displayed in the home or have stones engraved which can even feature their pet’s name along with the dates of birth and death so at least there is some reminder of their pet lying around no matter where the pet owner goes.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas for Fish, Birds, and Other Animals Idea 2

Another pet memorial idea is to plant pet memorial trees. There are pet owners who opt to plant a pet memorial tree in their pet’s name, dedicating it to the pet and all the memories they had together. Others do this so that when they look out their window or go outside, even on the worst of days, at least there will be something beautiful to see and know that it was made for them; by them; with love.

Gardens can take some time to mature and grow but once they do they become a wonderful sight for pet owners and people alike. They may even attract butterflies and hummingbirds which were some of your pet’s favorite animals while they were alive. Pets live in the moment and it’s important that pet owners follow suit.

It doesn’t matter where you plant your pet memorial garden or what type of pet memorial garden you create. What does matter is that it brings pet owners joy to think about their pet whenever they look at them while also serving as a constant reminder of the time spent with their pet, celebrating memories made together.

If you are a pet owner who has lost a pet, it’s natural to feel sadness over the loss. When pet owners lose pets they can easily focus on all that was bad in their pet instead of remembering the good times they had together. A pet memorial garden is a way for pet owners to celebrate their pets while nurturing new memories with them in mind.

Hold a funeral service

When a pet dies, the pet owner often wants to pay his or her respect and give some kind of closure. The most common way pet owners like to bid farewell is by holding a funeral service where they can offer words and memories and show their appreciation for all the joy and happiness that pets brought into their lives.

One of the best ways to celebrate a pet’s life is by making a pet memorial garden with the pet’s favorite flowers and trees.

Pets are family members as well, so it’s important for pet owners to go through this emotional time alone with the help of grief counseling professionals.

What happens during a pet funeral? A pet funeral does not vary too much from human funerals; there is usually a ceremony at the pet’s burial site where pet owners can offer words of appreciation and share memories.

Who is invited to a pet funeral? Since the pet is considered a family member, most people who are close to pet owners are invited to pet funerals. Of course, pets are not able to sit through the whole service, so they must wait outside until it’s over. But there are pet cemetery s that allow their furry customers to attend pet funerals just like in human cemeteries.

Too often when pet owners’ pets die, they just throw away dead bodies because they cannot afford proper cremation services or even purchase a casket for their pet.

Today we’re going to be showing you some pet memorial ideas that use pet ashes and how they can be used in the garden.

These pet memorial ideas will allow your pet to live on through flowers, trees, and other plants grown from their ashes.

Pet Memorial Ideas: recycling pet ashes into plants

Ashes have been used for a long time by many cultures, even before pet cremation was available, so it’s no surprise pet ashes are being used for planting now too. If you’d like to try these pet memorial ideas yourself then read on.

You could consider many different plants for this pet memorial idea but the most common plants people have been choosing recently are trees. Something tall seems appropriate a fitting tribute to a large pet; think pine, willow, or even pet memorial ideas with fruit trees like apple and peach.

Ornamental plants are also very popular pet memorial ideas for ashes that include flowers, like the pet memorial idea using hydrangea (pictured) which would be ideal for pet ashes of a pet who was particularly fond of playing in the garden.

You could also consider something unique like a pet memorial idea like planting an herb garden with parsley or basil to flavor your cooking! There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing what pet ashes can be used to grow.

Light a candle in their honor

Looking for pet memorial ideas? Left with a pet cemetery because you can’t let go of your pet’s memory? Looking to give back to the pet community and remember your furbabies? Why not consider donating in honor of another pet lover’s furry friend by sponsoring a pet-welcome garden at the Humane Society of Indianapolis or an animal sanctuary like Southeast European Shepherd Rescue

The Humane Society of Indianapolis is just one option when looking for pet memorial ideas that benefit others. Sponsoring an outdoor space in tribute will give shelter pets somewhere nice to spend their days while awaiting new homes. Human Memorials in pottery make it easier than ever before to set up these pet memorials in honor of beloved family members who have passed away.

Ceremonies and pet memorials can be quite costly depending on the space, costs for pet cemetery upkeep, etc. However, pet-welcome gardens offer pet owners something low-cost or even free to do in order to keep their pet’s memory alive while doing good at the same time. May we suggest checking out these pet-welcome garden ideas? We promise; you won’t regret it!

About the Light a Candle

Donations can also make a difference in creating pet-friendly parks and outdoor spaces that benefit the human community as well. There are rehabilitating organizations like Southeast European Shepherd Rescue which often need help keeping up with animal rescue expenses and other programs which bring them income (like satellite adoption events) to save more animals from harm.

Donations in pet honor are a great way to give back to pet lovers. There are pet memorial ideas for everyone! Just take a look at Human Memorials’ pet cemetery options and you’ll find the perfect way to remember your pet while doing good, too.


Have fun browsing through our pet-welcome garden photos. So many people have thought up so many creative ways to remember their beloved family pets that these pet memorial ideas are sure to inspire you, too. We’re sure you will enjoy browsing through our website full of pet-cemeteries in addition to pet welcome gardens in order to find the best pet memorial idea for your needs.

Create a picture memorial

Creating a pet memorial can help you find comfort and express your grief. A pet memorial is a way to honor the memory of your pet; it does not replace burying or cremating your pet, but rather serves as another way to remember all that your beloved pet meant to you.

If you have decided not to bury your pet in the backyard or at a pet cemetery but would still like a pet urn, there are several ways for creating a ceramic urn pet memorial. One option is to have a custom piece made. A custom ceramic pet memorial offers many unique advantages over pre-made items: It is as beautiful as any other hand-crafted item as well as being pet specific. Custom pet urns are usually no more expensive than pet urns that you would find at pet supply stores or pet memorial sites like petheavensgate.com. Because pet heaven’s gate offers the widest selection of handmade ceramic pet memorial designs available, you will find it to be your one-stop site for all of your pet cremation urn needs including your option to get a personalized ceramic pet urn made.

Last thing

Pet heavens gates offer several unique benefits that set them apart from other online pet cremation urn resources: All our handcrafted pet memorials are entirely customizable; we strongly believe in personalizing every piece by making every effort to bring special attention and care to each project, regardless of pet memorial size, pet urn price or pet cremation urn style.


Let heaven’s gate offers the largest selection of pet urn styles available from some of the world’s most renowned pet urn artisans so you will find pet cremation urns that are as unique as they are beautiful. We have great pet memorial ideas for those who cherish their loved pets and we ship all over Europe and offer pet cremation services in Sweden and UK – we even provide a pet luggage service for our customers to transport their loved ones safely and respectfully back home.

Create a memory time capsule

A wonderful way to commemorate your pet is to create a pet memory time capsule. A pet memorial idea that is unique and creative, you can place the pet’s favorite blanket or toy inside of a box with items from your pet’s life. Including items such as photos, drawings, toys, food dishes, etc., it can be anything that reminds you of your pet. You could even include a video of your pet so you can watch one last memory together after they have passed away.

Create a pet loss photo album

If you want a way to remember what your pet was like before they became ill and passed away, creating a pet loss photo album is an excellent option for pet owners. It can be filled with pictures from when they were healthy alongside pet memorial ideas that pet owners create themselves. Photos of pet illnesses, pet visits to the vet, and even some photos with your family can be included. This is a pet memorial idea that you can add to overtime as well so your pet loss photo album can grow with your family.

Pet graveyard or pet cemetery

Creating a pet graveyard or pet cemetery is one way to remember your pet for many years to come. You can place large stones in the yard where each stone represents one of your beloved pets who have passed away along with their name and dates on them.