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Courage the cowardly dog villains

To show courage the cowardly dog is an oldie but a goody by modern standards. The show’s antagonist, Eustace Bagge. Considered to be the greatest cartoon villain of all time. He has even cites as so by other professions outside of entertainment. Such as salesmen and dentists. This is because the cowardly dog villains are so despicable. That they can give their audience nightmares long after they leave the screen.

Eustace Bagge served many purposes in his role. As one of the courage’s primary antagonists. For starters, he served courageously with somebody. Who was truly evil rather than just misunderstood, like most cartoon villains. However, this may also serve to limit courage’s ability liked by children watching it. On top of that, courage’s true purpose is to teach good morals to children. And courage the cowardly dog villains still do that.

Many actors like to use courage as their first role rather than a supporting character. Such as Hercules or Zeus because courage serves as a springboard for both fame and glory. The reason courage is not as well known. As those other legends say, courage was specifically made by animation studios. With the goal of creating someone likable. But still evil enough that children taught good values. While it worked for this one, show courage may not work there anymore and retire from active duty.

Courage the cowardly dog

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a heated cartoon. The Chicken From Outside Space screens for Best Animation Short Film Oscars in 1996. It was the pilot episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. One of the most adventurous and disturbing children’s shows ever produced. Courage was the first comedy series created by the Network. After the first episode after the pilot. The show is as haunting as a cartoon. The show is one of Cartoon Network’s most adventurous. And disturbing children’s films ever produced. It aired on network-owned television in November 1999 with an episode of a comic book.

Fifteen years after Courage, the cowardly dog’s last TV appearance, the show is still loved by many.

However, not everyone is happy about this. “I think it’s total rot. I was only eight when Courage the cowardly dog first came out and it made me want to be a coward too,” says Jeremy Fritton.

On Drusilla Island, Drusilla Wolfson said, “That stupid show will never come on my island again.”

Many people feel upset. Because they feel that courage should have kept being broadcast. However, there are others who are just as outraged at the idea of having that show ever come back at all.

People everywhere are saying that that show is just an excuse to teach kids being a coward is okay. It also teaches that you should give up on your dreams, for example, Courage’s dream of being a police dog.

At the time of this story, there are no plans for the courage to make its way back onto TV anytime soon. There are rumors though that one day it will return, no one knows if they are true or not yet.

Whatever happened with courage

Is he still out there fighting villains and protecting the innocent? Maybe he retired from crime-fighting to live in peace with Muriel and Eustace. Only time will tell, until then we can only hope for his return.


Is it just me, or does Courage the Cowardly Dog have a weird premise? I mean, most people would think so.

I’m pretty sure most people are thinking this too. If you’re not, here’s some evidence:


 The show has an intro which is only shown on about half of the episodes. It says, “Courage runs away from everything, even his own shadow.” That sounds like something someone with severe anxiety disorder would say. They run away from their own shadows. And also see said shadows as proof of whatever delusion they’re suffering. Or if they’re not suffering any delusions. And simply trying to avoid confrontations/pain/whatever.

That sounds like something someone was severely anxious would do. My point is, I’m pretty sure the intro to the show meant to make us think that Courage is afraid of his own shadow.


The show also has a lot of eye-related jokes. Things like when Muriel pops up in the background. When Eustace and Courage are looking at each other. And she has huge eyes, or when Courage’s parents come out of their graves. And “drag” him into Hell which he sees as a perfectly ordinary house. One can take this as symbolism for how creepy things look. From the perspective of someone who’s severely anxious. 


The neighbor lady says she doesn’t get what all the fuss about her garden was about. Because it looked so normal from far away. In fact, she says, it looked beautiful. This meant to contrast with Courage’s view of the garden. As a nightmarish monster thing. But I think this was also intended to show how things can look different. From someone who’s severely anxious vs. someone who isn’t.


The line about Courage running away from everything. Even his own shadow has another interpretation. Maybe the writers were going for a parody of other famous cartoon dogs. Maybe Courage isn’t scared by himself. He actually fears other things that are scarier than him (like monsters and aliens). In fact, this would explain why Courage doesn’t mind Eustace as much as he does most people. After all, Eustace often beats up those monsters or whatever they are.

In this way, Courage isn’t actually cowardly. He’s just warped by his environment. In other words, the show is a commentary on how mental illness can be a product of one’s surroundings. Rather than something inherently wrong with the patient. I don’t know if that was the writers’ intention. But it seems to me that they were going for something along those lines. Instead of making a standard dog cartoon. Just my two cents though. Consider this an open-ended question: what do you think? Is there any merit to what I’m saying? Do you even like Courage or maybe hate it?

The plot, Courage the cowardly dog

  • Courage is an American animated television series. Created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network. Originally as a part of the network’s Cartoon Cartoons block later known as the What A Cartoon Show. It is set in the fictional town of Nowhere, Wisconsin. And centers on Courage, a cowardly dog. They must overcome all fears to protect his unknowing farmer owner Muriel Bagge. And Eustace Bagge from all forms of danger. Including monsters and aliens. That appears out of nowhere, usually causing havoc with their plans to take over Earth or eat Eustace.
  • The cartoon format allowed the creators to create many unusual settings. And scenarios since animated cartoons were not tied down. To reality or budgetary concerns while still remaining funny.
  • The series follows Courage, a small black dog terrified of just about everything. However, he will embark on adventures to help his owners, Eustace and Muriel Bagge. Despite any danger that may come his way.
  •  Courage’s greatest fears are the monstrous but dim-witted alien invader Eustace Bagge. Who torments Courage out of jealousy because Muriel loves him more than she does Eustace. And the “Chicken from Outer Space ” is an evil shape-shifting chicken. From another world bent on eating every Earth creature. It can along its path of destruction including Eustace himself.
  • He’s also tormented by a trio of nasty, flea-bag alley cats known as. The Churches whose main goal in life is to beat Courage into their yard. So they can have the run of the whole neighborhood uninterrupted.

Other creatures

There are also other creatures. Who exists in Nowhere that are bigger than these three whom Courage has to face. But are usually not seen until later episodes or sequels. Such as giant baby chicks and ducks. Various dinosaurs, werewolves, vampires. Three ugly sisters enchanted by an old hag at Halloween time. That turns into witchy hags themselves when seeing light. During daytime hours or crossing water under moonlight. Another alien invader like Eustace but with a big, sharp mouth. And huge teeth called The Cajun Fox. A vampire bat turns into a vampire girl when it hears loud music.

Or sees the sun. A bunny monster. Who sometimes gets loose from Muriel’s vegetable garden to devour those. Who gets in his way of finding carrots. An evil-looking old woman named Ma Bagge is actually Eustace’s sister. Whom he calls “Crazy Old Mom” as she never lets him have any fun. She also likes to eat cats for lunch. Or dinner or breakfast depending on what time of day it is. But her favorite meal is raw meatloaf made out of Eustace himself.

Twist of show

Some of the stories put Courage in a different role as a protagonist. Such as an unscrupulous sea captain who sinks fishing vessels. And then feeds his victims to sharks. Or giant man-eating clams along the ocean floor. A police officer named Lt. Le Quack from outer space after capturing him. Originally as an outlaw from another one of his own worlds. Who sends him down to Earth to capture criminals sent there by himself. Whom he has been tracking for years before catching. But now takes it upon himself to rid the town of crime. Through any means necessary with no regard for due process nor innocent lives. They get caught up in it all just so he can keep getting promoted until he becomes the chief of police.

The series consists of nine seasons and 78 episodes. With 3 “Courage the Cowardly Dog” TV movies under its belt.

There are also four video games based on this cartoon show that make to date.

Courage has a huge crush on Dr. Liz Asher who is an astronomer from another planet. Whom he saved one day while she was out looking for new planets to explore along with her little dog named Kitten. Since then, she keeps coming back to visit him every so often. But disappears halfway through their journey back to Earth for unknown reasons.

Turnover the story

Courage’s favorite food is a perfect bowl of steaming hot. Bacon-flavored tofu soup with maple syrup and soy sauce. But because he is the only one in his family. Who eats it, Muriel has stopped making it for him so he makes it himself in secret. But whenever Eustace finds out about this perfect dish. And tries to take a taste himself, Courage goes into a wild fit of rage. To keep him away from it before the force stops when Muriel scolds them both afterward.

The names of the two main characters inspired by Fred Gipson’s novel. Old Yeller where Travis’s main character had an old. A stray yellow dog named Old Yeller he found in the woods one day. Who turned out to be his faithful companion through thick and thin. Even though they went through some really tough times together.

 Eustace is based on Douglas’s “Wrong Way” Corrigan. He flew an airplane from New York all the way to Dublin, Ireland. Instead of San Diego, California where he supposes to land. He never came back home after that. So people thought maybe he got lost or died along the way. But thirty-seven years later. He finally showed up back at his old house. With a knock on the door one night. After everyone had given up on him coming back alive with no explanation for where he’d been all this time.


Ever since the show’s original run. Fans have wondered what would happen if Courage was ever caught in the portal. He once created it at the beginning of an episode. Many ideas and suggestions about how this would turn out for our favorite cartoon pooch. But none so far has come close to revealing the true nature of the beast. It is my opinion that it is about time someone took up writing on this subject. And attempt to shed some light on what could possibly befall him should such an event take place.

It has become evident in recent years that Cartoon Network is not going to reboot. Courage the Cowardly Dog anytime soon. However shameful it may be, it is a fact that must accept and understood by everyone. Who continues to hold it near and dear to their hearts.

This brings us neatly into our next topic of discussion. “What exactly happened when Courage sucked. Into the wormhole, he created back in the original series finale?”

In other media appearances 

Emotional range

Courage has a very high emotional range as he’s easily excited and often frightened. He uses this for his own gain. Disregarding what others think of him. He’ll do anything that makes him happy or will support those close to him. He cares deeply for those around him and goes out of his way to make sure they’re safe and happy. For example, in one episode his owners (a young boy and girl) replaces by doubles from another universe. Who was cold-hearted and cruel despite looking identical to them. Frustrated with their behavior. They return home shortly after left alone once so that ‘their’ parents can look after them again. Another instance is when he offers himself to be the meal for a giant monster. Rather than allow Muriel and Eustace, two old friends of his who were visiting at the time, to become victims.

This is also seen in the sequel series. “The New Adventures of Courage” where he goes very far out of his way (at times putting others’ lives in danger). To ensure that whatever trivial problem is occurring. For whatever characters he interacts with getting resolved. He often displays childlike qualities despite being an adult. This is especially true during episodes involving creatures. That resembles children or playthings like teddy bears.


Despite his cowardly nature, courage has shown to care deeply about those around him. Whether it’s family, friends, or even creatures he’s never met. For example, in “Ball of Revenge” Courage goes out of his way to make sure the innocent citizens are Eustace. And Muriel is safe after they find themselves under attack by the inhabitants of the ball. That Courage accidentally freed from his owner’s room. After Eustace throws it into Muriel’s purse. The inhabitants were only trying to have their ball back. As it was their favorite toy/toy holder before locked. As time progresses throughout the episode. Courage finds himself putting others’ safety over his own. Which results in him becoming captured by the beings. After proving his loyalty. Courage is set free so that he can help defeat them so they would return home peacefully.


In contrast to his loyal and caring nature. Courage is pessimistic due to the surrealistic nature of the world he lives in. He’s shown to be a very nihilistic character. As he believes that nothing good ever happens to anyone around him. Despite evidence to the contrary. For example: In “The Mask” Courage tasks with finding. And retrieving a golden mask. Possessed by an ancient demon. So its spirit can finally rest after roaming the earth for thousands of years. Despite the dangers, courage manages to find and return it within minutes. When Eustace learns of this feat. He immediately takes the mask from courage before telling him “how easily impressed I am”.

Another example would be in “Bug From The Outside”. Where courage task with making sure the house he lives in isn’t invaded by. Earth’s deadliest insect. Despite this being a fairly simple task. Courage instead devotes himself to successfully protecting his family primarily. Because of their lack of appreciation towards him.


Courage the Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror-comedy television series. Created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network. As part of the network’s Cartoon Cartoons block. The series centers on a physically weaker but mentally stronger dog. Named Muriel Bagge and her husband Eustace Bagge, owners of Muriel and who live in the middle of Nowhere. The show is set in a fictional location called “Nowhere”, Kansas (a parody of Middle America). And focuses on the crazy escapades of Courage. As he protects his owners from various paranormal events. That they encounter each other in an episode. These include cultists, aliens, mad scientists, and supernatural beings. And other dangers which are menacing but turn out to be benign.

Courage the cowardly dog tattoo

There are many reasons why people like to get tattooed. Maybe they want a reminder of their favorite movie line. Or an image that explains their life story. Something that will make others do a double-take and recognize the symbol on their body. While it is true that some simply love tattoos. And can’t imagine having any other kind of art on their skin. Most would not deny that there’s also another reason: the shock factor! When people see your tattoo, good or bad attention is sure to draw.

Some brave souls decide to embrace this idea. By getting tattoos depicting things that they’re simply not supposed to have. With those who love horror movies. And all things considered “taboo” are usually at the top of such lists. We present you with five of the most intriguing tattoo ideas. That is bound to get more than a few people thinking “What were they THINKING?”

For some reason, there are people who actually want to get tattoos of characters. From children’s shows. Maybe they’re trying to show their loyalty to something innocent and pure. Maybe it’s just because they have some childhood trauma. That they’d rather not probe too deeply into! Either way, here is one example of this kind of tattoo: courage the cowardly dog! What could be more innocent than a cartoon about a dog?

This canine hero has gone on countless adventures with his master. Whether trying to stop an evil scientist or challenging powerful aliens. That has come down from space. This particular tattoo depicts him in his most famous adventure. In which he saves the world from a giant black hole created by an equally giant chicken.


Just don’t make too much fun of him after getting this tattoo.

Sometimes when people get tattoos of things they love, they want it to be as realistic as possible. While some might call them crazy. Others consider these tattoos aesthetically pleasing and cannot stop staring at them! Here are five examples of beautiful realism tattoos depicting our favorite monsters.

Dracula is one of literature’s most popular characters. Possibly because everyone can relate to being alone on a cold night. But what if he had children? Well, you’d probably get something like this tattoo design. This shows how Dracula would look if he had a girl and boy. The little one’s name may be Alucard, but it’s unknown if “Dracula” would still be their last name.

It’s quite ironic how so many people want to have tattoos of movie monsters. Yet they don’t realize that their designs will never live up to the real thing. But here is a much better version of Frankenstein’s monster. This tattoo artist decided not to go with a single flat color. As most other artists do but create an actual 3D effect! This makes his work truly stand out from the rest.

In case you’re wondering why he has chains around his neck, well. It could just be part of his cool steampunk design. Or maybe those suppose to represent the chains we put around our imagination. Next is a beautifully designed werewolf tattoo that will truly be alive as soon as you see it.

Tattoo Artist

The artist’s use of light and shadow here creates an amazing effect. One that makes us feel like we’re looking at actual fur growing out from under the skin. Werewolves are not truly werewolves. Their transformation depends on both the phases of the moon. And how much energy they absorb from other sources. However, this tattoo would do well in either case. It looks just as good whether he’s completely transformed or not.

Courage the cowardly dog Katz

A courageous dog from Iloilo City ran a kilometer after a thief. Who stole his owner’s bag containing P10,000 and the dog’s own food money.

The two-year-old male mixed breed Curly was out for his morning walk with its female owner. Ms. Marissa Torrefranca, 28, when the incident happened at around 7:30 am on Tuesday.

Curly’s barking caught Torrefranca’s attention. As she saw a man running away from her house in Sitio Amihan. Barangay (village) Bigaa Norte with her bag. Which contained cash and the dog’s five-day food supply.

“When I opened my gate and called him back to come inside. He was already running after the suspect who stole my bag.” Torrefranca told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Torrefranca said she saw off her husband at 6 am but did not close their gate. She noticed that their things were scattered when she checked in the morning.

“I immediately screamed and cried when I found out what happened. But Curly didn’t seem to mind it,” said Torrefranca. “He just sat beside me, licking my hand.”

Torrefranca said she ran after her dog until they reached a bridge in Barangay Diana. But I lost sight of him because of heavy traffic.

Courage the cowardly dog villains: Theory

Fears about courage’s old age aside, many people consider his greatest villainy. To be something called “reverse empathy”. Which has to be defined as trying to make somebody feel guilty for something courage is supposed to do. The most common form of courage for the cowardly dog villains is “reverse empathy”. But others include telling me that he’s too old. Or irrelevant which meant to give courage to the idea that somebody cares about him.

Eustace’s so-called courage is the cowardly dog villain. Usually involves him trying to look cool in front of his crush Muriel Bagge. This may be because Eustace views courage as a threat to his relationship. With Muriel who is also Courage’s owner. Reverse empathy uses by many cartoon villains. Even modern ones but courage’s are some of the best examples out there. Make sure not to miss one if you’re watching courage on boomerang.

Courage the cowardly dog characters

Courage The Cowardly Dog is an American animated horror-comedy television series. Created by John R. Dilworth for Cartoon Network Studios. And currently airing on the sister network Boomerang in the United States. Since its debut on August 31st, 1999. 143 episodes aired throughout its original run spanning four seasons. The show’s premise focuses on a dog named courage the cowardly dog courage.

What are Courage The Cowardly Dog characters?

Not including the theme song of courage the cowardly dog characters. That is courageous, but if they were he would be furry. And not have one ear up and one ear down with a white face. And a brown body with a stripe down its back, depending upon how you interpret it. Courage is a small white shaggy dog terrified of just about everything. Despite his phobia. However, he is also very loyal to Eustace Bagge (who lives in an old house) and Muriel Bagge (his wife). While not working as a pet, courage the cowardly dog courage.

Courage has a lot of other redeeming virtues. Courage is very good with children. Loves to eat and drink, and can sense danger when it comes – he can even smell fear in some cases. Unfortunately for him, his fears are usually stronger than his abilities. To sniff out trouble. He can also spin around at incredible speeds. When frightened by something that’s chasing him. Courage is great friends with many characters. Like Muriel Bagge. Malla Lisa Eustace. Bagge dr Leo brazil brain terry (his son). Shirley (his daughter) mouse lady, small boy sheepdog Cleo courage.

While being afraid of many things. He does have a few things that terrify him even more than the creatures he faces on a daily basis. Such things include spiders, termites, lunch meat, clowns, elevators, and most notably chickens. Enough to render him completely helpless with fear. He’s also frightened at the mere mention of witches. Who he believes will turn him into some form of the animal if they find out about his cowardice (which is often). Other fears might be centipedes or roller-skates.

Courage the cowardly dog Eustace

So, courage the cowardly dog Eustace. Eustace is the name of the character. Who transforms into various creatures throughout the series. Many people fail to notice this. Because they go ham on his appearance and scream like little girls (me included). Now that I’ve turned into a rage monster (heh) let’s get started.

What is Eustace really?

Eustace turns into all sorts of things in the show, but he doesn’t change species. Instead, he changes to doppelgangers of whatever creature it is. For example:

The dog-like creature with yellow eyes similar to Courage’s

This means that Eustace has some resemblance to Courage. Whether it be physical or emotional. There are times where Eustace will transform into larger creatures. They almost look like Godzilla, but they still retain the yellow eyes and his green color.

Courage: “He turns into monsters in his dreams”

This statement is important to remember when we ask about what Eustace represents. Courage says this in the episode where Eustace finds a job as a scarecrow. Because everyone has nightmares about him (he’s scary). If you watch other episodes, Such as ‘The Tower of Dr. Zalost’ and ‘Astral Monkey’. You can see that these creatures represent things within people (emotions, life struggles, etc.). So, if courage is telling us that everyone has nightmares about Eustace. Then maybe he represents something inside of us that we try to suppress.

What does Eustace represent?

Eustace is a representation of our innermost thoughts and feelings. Typically the ones we try not to show or face ourselves. This is why he turns into various creatures. Because we express different aspects of ourselves at different times. Depending on how we view the world around us. Just like you’re reading this blog post on whatever device you’re using. For example:

The two-headed creature with one green eye. And one red eye similar to Eustace’s two heads. I look at this picture and immediately think about someone. Who has an internal struggle? That manifests itself externally in the form of bipolar disorder? They have two sides of themselves fighting against each other. Which causes some major issues in their life. People who experience this were most likely not supported properly in the past. And/or may have suffered some type of abuse, like Eustace (and me), did when he was a child. It’s also important to remember that everyone has it. Even if you don’t experience it yourself, at least one person close to you probably does.