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White German Shepherd Dog

The White German Shepherd Dog is a rare breed of dog that is most closely related to the standard German Shepherd Dog. They are a large breed of dog that is typically white in color but found in other colors such as black and tan. They are a popular breed of dog for many reasons. Including their intelligence, loyalty, and strength. However, if you’re considering getting a White German Shepherd Dog. First, prepare to have to pay a lot for them. Because they are a rare breed.


The price of these dogs is much higher than what you would pay for a standard German Shepherd Dog. They are currently ranked #9 in the AKC’s “Top 20 Most Expensive Dog Breeds.” They are also listed in the AKC’s “Top 10 Most Expensive Breeds” for 2012.

White German Shepherd Dog

What Is It Like To Own A White German Shepherd Dog?

White German Shepherds are loyal, protective, and intelligent dogs. That makes great family pets. They are typically easy pets to take care of and easy to train and love spending time with their families. These dogs are also known for their high energy levels and need plenty of exercise. To stay happy and healthy. Black German Shepherds have a wrinkled appearance and have very long eyelashes. They are also known to be stubborn dogs, with a strong drive to hunt. The Black German Shepherd originated in Germany developed to hunt bears. But were also used to guard sheep and cattle.



Black German Shepherds are usually calm dogs and do not typically display signs of aggression. Unless they trained to be aggressive.

White German Shepherd Dog

The history of the White German Shepherd Dog

Between 1800 and 1900, White German Shepherds were used in the wars of Napoleon’s France and Prussia. As well as by the British as police dogs, or to hunt for foxes and vermin. Because of this, some of the earliest White German Shepherds were crossed with the English Cocker Spaniel or Labrador. Since then, the White German Shepherd Dog used in competition has developed into a well-muscled working dog with a long silky coat. Nowadays, the White German Shepherd Dog is often used as a hunting dog, especially for bears and wild boars. White German Shepherds were also used for hunting bears and other games until the middle of the twentieth century. Blue Heeler German Shepherd Dog.

White German Shepherd Dog

8 common questions about the White German Shepherd

It will help to know about White German shepherd dogs by the following FAQ. This will provide you with proper guidance to take a White German shepherd dog. The Biggest Dog in the world 2022.


1. What is a White German Shepherd?

A White German Shepherd is one that has a clearly defined coat colour and no other colourings or markings. Most commonly this refers to pure white and the colouring is a recessive gene.

White German Shepherd Dog

2. Why are German Shepherds not normally white?

What is a German Shepherd? A German Shepherd is one that has a clearly defined coat colour and no other colouring or markings. Most commonly this refers to pure white and the colouring is a recessive gene.

3. What is White German Shepherd Syndrome?

White German Shepherd Syndrome is the name given to a genetic condition. That causes what would appear to be White German Shepherds to be born with two different colourings. One of which is traditionally thought of as white, but actually has some other colouring or marking.

4. Is White German Shepherd Syndrome a dangerous genetic condition?

No, it is not a life-threatening condition and does not cause any health problems.

5. What are the characteristics of White German Shepherd Syndrome?

The only characteristic you will notice is that. The dog may have a coat colour. That is not traditionally seen in a German Shepherd, for example, a liver or cream colour. For example, it may have a cream base colour with a dark saddle on the neck. Or a light tan base colour with rust coloured patches on the face. Cute Small Dog Breeds.


White German Shepherd Dog
6. Why does this occur?

This occurs because the gene that causes white German Shepherd Syndrome is recessive and so if the dog has two copies of the recessive gene it will be a brindle. The only way to determine the breeding status of your dog is by DNA analysis. Without DNA analysis there can be no certainty as to what colour your dog will have. The colour may be white, cream or brown.

7. Is there any help available?

No, this is a breed-specific problem that needs confirmation by DNA analysis.

8. How can I get my dog tested?

You can get a sample of blood taken and send it off to the DNA testing facilities. It is possible to have the DNA analysed at home using a service called DDC (DNA Detection Centre).


White German Shepherd Dog

White German Shepherds are a beautiful breed of dog that makes great cuddly pets. They are intelligent, loyal, and have a great temperament. They are also a great breed for working purposes. Their working abilities, however, have been lessened over the years due to irresponsible breeding practices and genetic disorders. White German Shepherds are a fairly rare breed today, but if you do find one, they are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a good dog. They are a good breed for the family.